You don't have an own IBM system i?

No worry, We have a solution!





IBM System i(AS400) User Account types and Offering

TNIIT offers IBM System i (formerly known as AS/400 or iSeries) to students and application developers.

>> FREE online access on V6R1 Server for beginners for 1st 40 hours

>> Offer developer User Profile access as low as INR 10(USD 0.20) per hour on an IBM i(AS400) V6R1 Server

>> Single Profiles for college students, beginners, students and application developers

>> Group Profiles for IT Training Centers, Schools and Colleges at discounted rate

>> Offer dedicated environments and or servers for small and medium companies to host their own software

>> Our servers are accessible 24 x 7 from your PC connected to the internet

>> we take data backup on the tape drive based on customer request


Single Profile

If you are a developer or student and wanted to learn to learn IBM i (AS400), this could be the best option. You will share the resources of a large server with other users. Other user can not access your data or object unless you give rights to them. We offers access as low as INR 10 (USD 0.2) per hour.


Group Profile

We also offer group profile, so you can share your data with others.


Dedicated Servers

We offer dedicated server with full control of your environment. You will have full access to data, programs and system objects. You can create unlimited user profiles. So you can feel that you have your servers located in your company.


Disaster Recovery

We can secure your data on weekly / monthly based on your request.



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